Annuals- Tender, Hardy and Half-Hardy

Annuals are a delight to the gardener and to those who view the garden. They provide bountiful color and fulfill many gardening functions. [Read More]
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Pink Hibiscus

Pink Hibiscus, the state flower of Hawaii, is a beautiful bloom. This perennial favorite comes in different shapes and sizes. They have single and double petals and vary in size from small to ten or twelve inches in height.

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    Tips On How To Care For Fresh Cut Tropicals

    You can do your own tropical flower arrangements and add life to your office or home. Tropical flowers are generally much hardier than their softer cousins. They are brilliantly colored and have a longer shelf life especially if you care for them properly.

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    How to Care for Cut Flowers

    Flowers Truly Reach Your Soul. Flowers are a heartfelt, natural way to lift our spirits. They can provide a smile for a tired face or even brighten a room for a convalescent. Just imagine your favourite flower. Are you smiling yet? You are definitely in a better mood.

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    Caring For Tropicals And Exotic Flowers

    Tropical flowers make an exciting change from the more traditional floral gifts such as roses and gerberas, assuming that they're available in your area. Their stark and colorful beauty makes them an impressive gift for special occasions like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays and anniversaries.

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    How To Grow Outdoor Plants in Pots

    The main concept to understand is that plants in pots are like prisoners. They are forced to rely upon their owners for almost all their care. You have two main jobs with potted plants:

    You must provide all the food

    You must provide most of the (annual) water

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    How To Create A Very Special Landscape

    "Your exceptional landscape needs foundation plantings. Think first in terms of high quality trees and palms"

    Have you ever looked at a home and said "what a delightful landscape. I just love all their wonderful shrubs", Of course not

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