Annuals- Tender, Hardy and Half-Hardy

Annuals are a delight to the gardener and to those who view the garden. They provide bountiful color and fulfill many gardening functions. [Read More]
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Pink Hibiscus

Pink Hibiscus, the state flower of Hawaii, is a beautiful bloom. This perennial favorite comes in different shapes and sizes. They have single and double petals and vary in size from small to ten or twelve inches in height.

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    How to write Online Casino Reviews

    Maintaining integrity is way more important than getting a single player to join an online casino. Imagine if you went into an electronics store and asked the associate about a new TV. What if he told you the TV came with surround sound, picture-in-picture and all these awesome features, for $500.

    You by the TV, take it home and not only are the features missing, it doesn't even come with a remote! You call the store and they hang up on you! Would you be a little upset? Would you tell your friends never to shop there? This is the exact same reaction players have when they visit an online casino because of a review, and it turns out the information in your review is false. Doesn't bode well for the future of your web site, does it? Online Casino Review Content So we've established the quintessential honesty and integrity factor, now let's discuss content. What are online casino players looking for when they read an online casino review? In other words, what draws players to a new online casino? Every player is different, so there's going to be a lot of key factors here. Online Casino Game Variety Players want to know what games they can expect to find when signing up at a new online casino. The depth of content is up to the writer, but the more detailed the better in most cases.

    If they offer table games, tell the player how many. Slot machine - tell them what kind - 3-Reel, 5-Reel, Progressives, etc. you get the idea. Some online casino reviews will go so far as to list every single game available.

    This is time consuming, but your readers will appreciate it. Online Casino Bonuses & Promotions This may be the most important feature of an online casino review as the majority of experienced players are looking for a good first deposit bonus. Give them the full details and you might want to consider including wagering requirements. Even if they don't like the deal, they will appreciate that you provided the information, making them much more likely to trust and return to your online casino reviews. Throw in the refer-a-friend bonus amount, daily and weekly promotions, rewards program - anything consistently run by the online casino. Online Casino Software Some players prefer specific software brands, following the 'tried-and-true' theory, so be sure to supply the online casino's software brand (PlayTech, Microgaming, CryptoLogic, etc).

    Players want to know how functional the software is - how fast it runs, how large the file size, if there are frequent interruptions and disconnects. Perhaps there is an Instant Play, no-download flash option - this is very important as European players especially prefer this type of online casino gaming. Online Casino Player Acceptance Does the online casino accept US players? US players are constantly searching for online casinos that will accept them.

    This is vital information. If you can't find it on the casino web site, try asking customer support. Online Casino Customer Support Customer support is extremely important to players. They need to be reassured that if something goes wrong, the online casinos will be there to help them quickly, professionally and amicably. They also want to know what methods are available to contact support - email, live chat, phone, fax, etc.

    Online Casino Deposit/Withdraw Methods Veteran players typically have one or more accounts with payment processors already. They want to know if this new online casino is going to accept their preferred payment method before they attempt to deposit. Every online casino should provide a list of all acceptable deposit and withdraw methods. If the deposit methods differ from the withdraw methods, list them separately. Players will love you for it! Online Casino Fair Gaming & Licensing Some online casino gamers will not visit a site if it is not properly licensed and certified for fair gaming. If you don't list this information, they may not wish to find it for themselves, therefore losing a potential player.

    Provide the location in which the online casino has secured a gambling licence and from which auditing firm the RNG software has been certified. If available, add the Payout Percentage for the previous month of operation. Online Casino Review Tip If you can't find the legal licensing information on the web site, try contacting customer support - if they can't provide it, don't even bother writing the review. The online casinos you write reviews for should at least have as much integrity as you do.

    Donna Norman has spent more than a year documenting the various facts of the Online Casino industry. She feels her dedicated research and analysis of the online gambling community can be best used to provide new and veteran players with essential knowledge to help maintain a safe and secure online gambling experience. This article is intended to not only encourage writers to provide honest, trustworthy content, but to teach players what to look for when seeking respectable Online Casinos


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